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smile project
The Web Site of Evolutionary Dentistry

Smile, continuing evolution.

Smile began its web adventure more than a year ago.

At first it introduced itself as a simple scientific information and divulgation web site in Dentistry. After few months after it had already changed to a real journal, registering its heading at the Turin Tribunal (Italy). Smile, then, joined the restricted "club" of journal published exclusively in electronic format on the Internet.

In this stage two aspects lived together within Smile. Even if they had many points in common, fundamentally they aimed at different readers’s categories. The scientific articles were, of course, for a professional public, therefore for doctors and dentists. The people who wanted to obtain informations about dental pathologies and therapies could find it, in simple and clear form, in the part of the journal devoted to non professional scientific information.

This successful form enabled us to increase constantly and significantly the number of the readers who visit our journal.

The wish, therefore, to maintain the coexistence of the two "souls" of journal, also offering to every one of them, the right development and specialization space, has pushed us to physically separate the specialized journal from the information site. This choice wants to keep a balance between the two aspects within the Smile Project guaranteeing both uniformity of editorial policy and scientific rigour.

The Journal of Evolutionary Dentistry, specialized scientific journal of Dentistry, will be published from now on at the web address, exclusively in English. The Doctors Elio Berutti and Gianluca Gambarini have contributed, as Scientific Editors, since the last 1998 issue. They select scientific and bibliographical research articles, short communications and interesting case reports for publication.

The Web Site of Evolutionary Dentistry – at the traditional address - will continue to be published in Italian and English. The site will contain mainly scientific popularization and information articles about Dentistry. They are planned so as to be clear, simple and easy to read. In the Italian version of the site a section with the Italian translation of scientific articles (published on the J.E.D.) and a news page (congress informations and a selection of links to interesting sites) will be available, mainly for doctors and dentists.

This is the significant news!

We think to be on the right way to offer all our readers a service on line with their requirements and expectations.

We are, anyway, genetically open-minded to changes and innovations, that we hope you will encourage, continuing the dialogue we have already started together.

Dr. Mario Lendini


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Smile, a project in progress.